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Spring Fashion Advice

Spring Fashion Advice 

Spring! Spring fashion is a great time for a variety of colors. There are many looks you can pull off-you could go for a more pastel, innocent, girly look, or maybe a darker, floral, more adult  and serious-yet-still-fabulous look.

Lots of dresses! Dresses have so many varieties. In spring i think maybe more strapless and camisoles are more appropriate. The fabric is also very important. If you're going for more of a girly look, then silky, floaty fabric is best.  If you're going for a more stylish, adult look, then a thicker lace or cotton is good.

Also in spring you can wear...ankle booties! Though boots are also more of a fall look, you can still pull this look off in spring! I love ankle booties-they look adorable with dresses, and also with skinny jeans and maybe a camisole or lace top. Try to avoid  long, knee-high boots though-that trend is for fall.

Shoes! Flats and cute, thin sneakers are perfect. For a more sophisticated look, like i said before, ankle booties are also perfect. Ankle booties look great with high-low dresses. Try to avoid UGGs, or any kind of thick, furry boots. That trend is for winter! Also, try to avoid athletic, bulky sneakers, Thin sneakers like Vans, Toms, and Keds are perfect for this. Though Vans may be risky, because some Vans tend to be more bulky-don't get those ones.

Jewelry! Bangle bracelets are amazing for this season! Also charm necklaces, and flower stud earrings. For dangle earrings, i would suggest hoops, little faux diamonds, pearls, hearts, or (like i said before), flowers. For rings, heart rings, or fake jewel encrusted rings are also good. Try to avoid bulky rings-that look is more fall, and spring jewelry is more simple yet elegant.

Hair styles! Soft braids, curled hair, crimped hair, and soft buns with little ringlets hanging down are just beautiful! Nothing tight or reserved-spring is all about soft and pretty looks.

Bags! For spring, woven bags, and floral bags with brown leather handles are super in. Try not to do just all brown leather bags-that look is more of a fall trend. Fuzzy bags are also not good-that look is just...bad. But floral bags with wooden handles and brown leather buckles are super stylish! Woven bags have more of a feminine look to them-they look handmade and stylish. Though when i say woven, i mean cotton-try to avoid wool or polyester.

Makeup looks! For spring, i would suggest a more natural, pretty look. Don't pile it on! Pale pink lips are good, and for eye shadows a pale gold, pale pink, nude, or  pale purple usually turns out to be pretty good. For mascara, try to pick ones that fan out the lashes so that they are longer, but don't clump. There is nothing worse then clumpy mascara! Also, make sure that the lashes don't get to dark when you are trying to shape them. For foundation, it is very important that you actually need it. Some just put it on just because. If you put too much on, it tends to make your face all one color-which ends up making you have a sort of orange glow-not a good look. Also, your face naturally is different colors in different spots-making it all one color tends to look unnatural and kind of odd. For concealer, bronzer, primers, and highlighters, same thing-don't put it on unless you need it! And if you think you do, don't pile it on. Try for a fresh, natural look. Always put on less then you think you need. For me, i always put on too much and end up having to blot it so i don't have a orange, patchy look going on for me. :) For blush, use a more paler pink,  or nude color instead of neon pink or red. If possible, try to avoid using eyeliner-for some eyeliner doesn't even look good for the shape of their eyes, so they don't wear it anyways,. But if you do normally, for spring try to avoid it! Or just put on a tiny bit.

Prints! For spring, bird prints and floral prints are most popular. Pastel stripes, growths, animal prints (whales, elephants, etc.), or just some sort of lacy design is also great though. Color schemes are as expected-pastels.

Thanks for reading this! I hope this advice helped you with your spring fashion! :)

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